Keyword Benchmarking with Google Adwords

First, let’s define benchmarking: the process where you compare something of yours against something better and try to improve the standard of your something to improve the quality.

Before we start I just want to tell you that I did this with an ad campaign in Google Adwords and the effect was amazing, I got my unique visits duplicated from one day to another.

So, this post is to help you improve the quality of your keywords, comparing yourself against the best site in your same category, in order to increase your visitors quantity.

First, let’s Google a keyword (the first thing you want to get listed for in search results) and check the site thats first listed. Visit the site and copy the URL.

In my case I will use cowboy boots, I get the amazing number of 3,750,000 results and my first result is

Go to and select the Website Content and type the URL of the first result you had in your Google search.

You will get a list of keywords with their respective information, the most important information besides the keywords is the Search Volume column. This tells you how many times the keyword was searched in Google.

At the bottom of the page you can download the keyword list, do it for .csv (Excel). Open the list in Excel and order by the lowest to highest number in the Search Volume column (select the column, click the A-Z button and click Order when you get a warning message, don’t change anything).

We are done, copy and place the keywords on your website and give it some time to do it’s stuff.

Results may vary depending on your site category, also try getting keywords from other known sites.

Happy keyword hunting!

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