Alexa rank updated/changed

Today I noticed that Alexa rank was updated/changed. So congratulations if your Alexa rank was lowered or keep pushing your site traffic if didnt move or got higher.

What is Alexa rank?

Is a rank that measures mainly your site traffic. If you have a low rank, lets say 350,000 then you receive like 1,000 unique visits per day and so on, if you have a high rank like 6,000,000 then you receive around 40 unique visits per day.

How do I know the Alexa rank from a site?

There are two ways:

First way, you can head to (change for the site you cant).

Second way, you can install their toolbar at

I recommend the second way because while you are navigating the internet and visiting different sites, the toolbar loads their rank and show it (like the PR tollbar).

Whats the use I can give to this rank?

When you are looking for a site to affiliate, you can know how many unique visits per day (aprox.) they have and that will help you decide with which site you affiliate. It also helps when you want to advertise on a site and the most important thing…to know how many unique visits per day your competitor has.

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