Digitize your handwritten signature

First you have to write down your signature or the text that you want to “digitize” in a white sheet, you can use any color.

There are different ways to get the image in your computer: with a scanner (the best), digital camera or cellphone camera (the worst).

If you use a scanner, scan it at 300 dpi (recommended).
Now open the image in Photoshop, if you took a picture of it you need to Autolevel it by pressing Shift + Control + L.

Scan (worst case at 150 dpi):

Cellphone photo (worst case at 640×480):

Now go to Filter > Artistic > Cutout and use these settings:

Number of leves: 8
Edge Simplicity: 0
Edge Fidelity: 3

And you will get something like this:

Scan (worst case at 150 dpi):

Cellphone photo (worst case at 640×480):

If you used the scanner you can only erase the white background and the inner part of your lettes with the Magic Wand (W) and you are done but remember to set a Color Overlay in the Blending Options so you change it to your favorite one.

If you took a photo you will have to work a little more, go to Image > Adjustments > Channel Mixer, check the Monochrome box and use these settings:

Red: 98%
Green: 60%
Blue: 116%
Constant: -88%

Then you should get something like this:

Cellphone photo (worst case at 640×480):

Remember that for the best output you should use a scanner and 300 dpi.

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