Mail form for newbies

When i started my site i read a lot of tutorials looking for the best email form, but my problem was that i was a PHP newbie, in other words, i didnt know ANYTHING about PHP so it was really hard to understand the tutorials even if they tried to explain it.

So let me explain it to you as i would have liked that someone explained it to me.

If you are a copy-paste kind of guy, then just copy the PHP code below, in it there are the explanaition of each thing you need to know.

//sendemail is our button name, and if it is clicked, we will run this PHP code
//do you remember all those name="something" and id="something" that we had to use before? then, here is why
//it will get all those variables (text typed in the fields) and use them for the email
$name ="$name";
//lets say you want a default subject, then just change $subject="$subject"; to $subject="Default Subject";
//or maybe you want a default message, than just do the same as before.
$header="from: $name < $email>";
//if you want the email to be sent to other people, then just add them seperated by a comma (,)
$for ='';
//this is how it works mail(receiver's email, the email's subject, the email's message, name and email that was typed in the form)
echo "The email has been sent, thanks for contacting me.";
echo "The email could not be sent, try later.";
<!-- Comments in HTML go grey ;)  -->
<!-- since we are in a new era we wont use any tables, instead we will have some div's to tell them where to go -->

<form method="post"> <!-- your first field, Name, you will need it if you want to have the sender's Name or you can have a default Name made by you but i will let you know where to put it later -->
<!-- remember that the values of name and id must be name, like this name="name" id="name" -->
<div><input id="name" name="name" size="40" type="text" /></div>
<!-- remember that the values of name and id must be subject, like this name="subject" id="subject" -->
<div><input id="subject" name="subject" size="40" type="text" /></div>
<!-- remember that the values of name and id must be email, like this name="email" id="email" -->
<div><input id="email" name="email" size="40" type="text" /></div>
<!-- remember that the values of name and id must be message, like this name="message" id="message" -->
<div><textarea id="message" cols="40" rows="10" name="message"></textarea></div>
<div><!-- this is the button and we give it a name that we will use in the next part -->

<input name="sendemail" type="submit" value="Send" /></div>
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Browser detection

Some days ago I finished a site but it was only coded (CSS) for a perfect view in Firefox 3 and IE 6. I’ve neer had a CSS file for IE 7 since I dont use it but when viewing the site on a computer that had IE 7, it had some minor problems…so I decided it was time to create the IE 7 CSS file.

Searching the web, this is what I ended up with:

<!--[if lte IE 7]>
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="ie7.css" />
< ![endif]-->
<!--[if lte IE 6]>
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="ie6.css" />
< ![endif]-->
< ![if !IE]>
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="firefox.css" />
< ![endif]>

The only problem is that it is not XHTML standard…

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Alexa rank updated/changed

Today I noticed that Alexa rank was updated/changed. So congratulations if your Alexa rank was lowered or keep pushing your site traffic if didnt move or got higher.

What is Alexa rank?

Is a rank that measures mainly your site traffic. If you have a low rank, lets say 350,000 then you receive like 1,000 unique visits per day and so on, if you have a high rank like 6,000,000 then you receive around 40 unique visits per day.

How do I know the Alexa rank from a site?

There are two ways:

First way, you can head to (change for the site you cant).

Second way, you can install their toolbar at

I recommend the second way because while you are navigating the internet and visiting different sites, the toolbar loads their rank and show it (like the PR tollbar).

Whats the use I can give to this rank?

When you are looking for a site to affiliate, you can know how many unique visits per day (aprox.) they have and that will help you decide with which site you affiliate. It also helps when you want to advertise on a site and the most important thing…to know how many unique visits per day your competitor has.

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Simple 3D Text Tutorial

Simple 3D Text Tutorial from


Simple to do and a great outcome, it is for beginners+. The only problem is that photoshop always pixelates when you change the shape of something and you will notice it on your outcome.

A good layer style and a reflection will make it even better, try it.

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Electric text tutorial

Electric text tutorial from


The only thing i can say about this tutorial is: a very simple tutorial and a great outcome!

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The effect of Tilt-shift camera lens

The effect of Tilt-shift camera lens from


An easy tutorials for a great photo effect, it will just take you 5 mins to make it and you only need a good photo to work on and basic knowledge of photoshop.

Also you will learn some camera concepts.

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Multi-page PDF’s with Adobe Photoshop

Multi-page PDF’s with Adobe Photoshop from

It was not difficult to select this one since the other tutorials were the same old things that people make tutorials about even if there are thousands of tutorials about the same topic…

This tutorial tells you, in less than 5 minutes, how to create a PDF file with one image in per page (you select the ones you want to include).

This could be useful if you want to do a presentation of photos only, your work or perhaps to show different designs to a client in a single file.

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Create Rainbow Logos with Warped Grids

Create Rainbow Logos with Warped Grids from


I decided for this tutorial because it was easy to do and you do not need extra things that from what Photoshop has. So its for beginners and up.

The writer does not tell you but this tutorial wont work in Photoshop CS (the one i have) and i dont know in which version and up will work…i guess CS 2. I am talking about the Warp tool from Transform.

Also before starting the tutorial reset your colors by pressing D on your keyboard, else you wont be able to have the same output.

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Rendering tutorial

Rendering tutorial from


As a photoshop user i bet you will once need to render an image. This tutorial is for beginners, you need to know which tools are mentioned on the tutorial but with a couple of weeks using photoshop you should know it by now.

The only thing the tutorial does not tell you how to do is to make curves with the anchor points…i guess the writer simply forgot since he/she covers all the render related things but not this.

You can make curves with anchor points while holding Alt and click-and-drag over an anchor point.

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Blood brushes

In the first part we wont use PhotoShop.
First, get a white sheet and get your black ink cartridge and start hitting the sheete with the cartridge but if no ink comes our, put your hand behind the sheete and press the part from the ink comes out.
This will get you a lot of ink so spread it with the cartridge. The ink will dry in a few seconds but put your hand over it to be sure it is dey.
Now scan it, put the options: 200 dpi and Color (not white and black).

Open the image with PhotoShop and go to Edit > Define Brush Preset and type a name. Done this, open a new documentof 500×500 px and white background, create a New Layer (Control + Shift + N) and choose the Brush (you will get by default the brush that you just scanned). Apply it and right-click the layer and go to Blending Options:

Inner Glow:
Leave it as it is, just change the color to 9E0F10.

Color Overlay:
Leave it as it is, just change the color to 7E0505.

The result should look like this:

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